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ABC  Junior Golf Foundation

In loving memory of A.B. Cockroft. 

AB Cockroft Picture.jpg

A.B. Cockroft was a kind friend, father, husband, and avid golfer. A.B. was passionate about the game of golf and had never-ending energy to help kids. He always assisted in junior camps, constantly sharing his equipment, and was dedicated to helping youth grown their skills within the game in any way he could. When A.B. passed away at the young age of 78, good friend Chuck Higgins started the ABC Junior Golf Foundation in honor of A.B's memory.

The ABC Junior Golf Foundation strives to introduce, support, and further the opportunities of junior golfers in Central Texas, as well as to provide scholarships to junior golfers to help them continue their education.


The PGA Jr. League Scholarship Fund exists to provide children everywhere with the opportunity to create positive social relationships while benefiting their physical and emotional wellbeing. We recognize the importance of inclusivity and togetherness regardless of economic circumstances. Together we can remove this barrier and open doors for families to create lifelong memories through experiences that transcend golf.


We hope you'll join us on our journey to provide access to golf for youth in all communities across America.

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